Full accounting

  • Bookkeeping in accordance with the Accounting Act, tax law and the company chart of accounts.
  • Completion of tax returns and their submission to the relevant authorities
  • Keeping a register of fixed assets and depreciation
  • Preparation of reports for statistical purposes, calculation of depreciation according to the company’s depreciation plan
  • Cooperation with the Company’s auditor and the Tax Authorities Representation at tax offices, social security and other authorities
  • Possibility of collecting documents from the customer’s premises Preparation of analyses and summaries for individual client needs Analysis of the legislation with regard to new business events Preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation of interim financial statements individually requested by the client

Foreign accounting

  • Completion of documentation
  • Processing and preparing statements for posting (including imports)
  • VAT and profit forecast
  • Transfer of data to the Accounting Officer (including contact and answers to questions arising)
  • Other customer needs

Revenue and Expenditure Accounts

  • Day-to-day booking of received accounting records
  • Keeping records of fixed assets
  • Calculating depreciation according to the company’s depreciation plan
  • Maintenance of VAT registers and preparation of Value Added Tax declarations
  • Calculating advance payments for personal income tax and preparing returns to the tax office
  • Analysis of the legislation with regard to new business events
  • Preparation of analyses and summaries for individual client needs
  • Preparation of annual tax returns

Human Resources and Payroll

  • Preparation of payroll and monthly personal income tax and social security declarations
  • Determination of advance personal income tax payments and social security contributions
  • Preparation of annual information on earned income and collected tax advances
  • Preparation of annual declarations for employees
  • Holiday records
  • Representation in tax and social security offices

-developing a company chart of accounts,
-the day-to-day recording of economic operations,
-preparation of declarations and settlements of income tax and value added tax,

-keeping records of fixed assets, including monthly calculation of depreciation,

-drawing up balance sheets and (interim) profit and loss accounts by prior arrangement

-drawing up the annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes),

-reconciliation of accounts payable and receivable balances,

-handling tax audits,

-preparation of notifications to the Social Insurance Institution for taxpayers, collaborators and employees,

-preparing deregistrations from Social Security,

-preparation of monthly insurance declarations,

-preparation of payrolls, receipts for contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work,

-preparation of annual information on income and withholding advances for income tax,

-preparing annual information on the income of employed pensioners for the Social Insurance Institution,

-preparation of the annual statement of income,
-preparation of the annual statement on collected advance income tax payments, -drawing up the annual declarations of the staff employed,
-delivery of documents to tax and social security authorities,

-support on current legislation – analysis of new economic events

-financial analyses in terms of the parameters indicated (or with a proposal for parameters)

-handling the employment of foreigners and enabling the recruitment of workers from outside Poland

–  issuing invoices and correction documents

–  foreign accounting – including cooperation with foreign accountants and tax advisors (recording of economic events, preparation of files for posting, submission of VAT returns, balance sheets, P&L, information on taxes to be paid)

–  enabling cooperation with logistics companies, transport companies, etc.

–  and many more – contact us with your question and we will be happy to answer it!